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NEW YEAR - Another Resolution...

NEW YEAR - Another Resolution...

Last year, I went on a trip to Europe flying a low budget carrier (it was worth it!) with a one stop in Iceland.  I had gone to a Kanye concert the night before so I was definitely still turnt when I woke up at 4am (should've drank more water!).  I took a nice cold shower and finished packing for my flight at departing at 7am.  

Advil and sunglasses in tow, I finally got to the airport.  The TSA had directed me to toss the water in my Camelbak water bottle I take on every trip.  When I got to the gate they were already boarding, and so I quickly got on thinking I can get more water on the flight instead of refilling it at the water dispenser (side bar: LAX - you need to get the dispenser that's meant for filling bottles and not the ones on Elementary playgrounds.  [side sidebar: can you also put the water station on the outside of the bathroom, and not in the walk way towards the bathroom?]).  

After a quick 30min power nap during take off, I kindly asked the attendant to fill my bottle with water and a ham sandwich to complete my hangover recovery cycle (HRC).  "Sir, I'm sorry but you have to pay for water on this flight."  HUH?? After spending $14 on a 16.9oz Icelandic water and a ham sandwich that looked to have survived a half day in a 5th graders brown lunch sack, I was well underway in my HRC.  Feeling like Bear Grylls as I rationed the water over the next 9 hours, our side of the flight was fortunate to see Northern Lights (Pro Tip: sit on the left side of the plane when heading towards Iceland for a possibility.  Make friends with the people around you so you can wake each other up if someone sees something -- My new friend Ana and I covered our heads at the windows with blankets and jackets to maximize the visibility).  Once we landed, I beelined to the nearest water dispenser and filled my chute!  HRC is now complete.  

New Years Resolution : Drink more water and don't underestimate a budget airlines inadequacies

Here are some of the reasons to drink more water (backed by webmd):

1. Drinking it may help prevent headaches, naturally
2. It keeps our kidneys working
3. It helps us think more clearly
4. It balances our fluids
5. Regulates Body Temperature
6. Flushes Out Toxins
7. Promotes Healthy Skin
8. Beats Bad Breath