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Parents need help too! The intro to 422WATER

Parents need help too!  The intro to 422WATER

As parents to two young kids and a doggo, we are often hearing they want to be in ________ profession when they grow up.  Is being a doctor, lawyer, or an architect the answer?  I'm an individual who grew up with curiosity to anyone who would pay attention to me, so naturally I decided to try an exercise to my kids who are very much similar.  But first I had to secure their attention.  Simple enough since they're at age where they yearn for items that generate monthly family expenses, like cellphones and tablets.  As parents, we strongly believe in the concept of earning instead of receiving and so it's crucial for us that our kids understand how this money thing works.  We told our youngsters that if they could learn to code and launch an app, they will get their phones!

Who are we kidding, they couldn't do it (still crossing my fingers though).  But what transpired after the failed attempt, lead to something greater.  Since deciding to leave my job in early 2017, I was able to spend more time at home.  They often heard me talking about subscription base concepts as I used to be in the Sales and Marketing division in the decorative plumbing industry.  We began having conversations about the reason to start a business and how even with persistence and hard work, success isn't probable.  "Money is what dictates if something is a success from a business standpoint", I said, "but their ultimate goal should be to do what they love everyday and hope to make money while they are sleeping."

One morning, as they were filling up their water bottles for school (which they do daily) they asked me, "Dad, when was the last time we replaced the water filter?"  I couldn't answer the question.  Who remembers they need to replace the filter, and who can actually remember to order a new filter?  "They should just send one to us every year" mumbled the younger one.  A water filtration subscription..?  I thought about it and started the research.  When I picked them up at school later that day, I asked them to think of name and to create a logo for their brilliant idea.