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My Doggo Drinks Filtered Water - Here's Why

My Doggo Drinks Filtered Water - Here's Why

My ex used to say, "hey, can you stop giving him sink water?"  I learned quickly to stop fighting the trivial things and accept all matters that are inconsequential.  But little did I know that switching the water to filtered water (that our family drinks), will have such a consequential impact!
As I set out to googling "is filtered water better for dogs", I first needed to confirm my intuition of the origin of dogs (sidebar: there should be a website about things people google).
Google has proven that my Starfox is  essentially part wolf.  This is imperative because Game Of Thrones has taught us that the bond between a wolf and its owner is magical.  They can save you in war, be a badass companion helping you to better understand the true meaning of individuality, and more importantly gives me the power to warg into them.  And since humans have decided to breed these magical creatures to dogs (as pets), selective breeding produced shorter noses and protruding eyes that contributes to abnormally narrow and crooked tear ducts.  
Since switching to filtered water, we noticed two things.  First, his fur has become more luscious.  Second, there's been a decrease in the amount of tears hence lessening the tear stains!  I'm not, not saying that if you change your dogs water to filtered water that it will remedy the stains.  Do some research and understand the reasons on why it's causing it so you can better understand the methods in remedy.  Just like (for example) the relationship you have with your significant other.  Are the reasons you're arguing really about the topic of discussion?  Or are there deeper rooted emotional eye stains that have yet to be resolved?

Here's a great article by an actual Veterinarian.  It explains in depth why tear stains occur and its solutions and methods.  It'll save you the headache from me explaining the juxtaposition of dog tear stains and relationship issues.
Filtered water (in stainless steel bowls) can help alleviate excessive tears in dogs, thereby reducing tear stains.