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Let's start with our mission.
Plain and simple - We want you and your family to always have a great tasting, safe and clean drinking water in your household. Who has the time or wants to remember about replacing water filters? We thought the same and decided to bring you a hassle-free, top quality filtration system delivered to your home without the large price tag. Through product and service, our mission is to provide peace of mind by offering a convenient and environmentally friendly way of having clean water in your home at all times. 

Why the name 422water?
During the 4th month on the 22nd day, we celebrate Earth Day. 422water is a perfect name to represent our mission and support for environmental protection. We want to contribute to the reduction of plastic waste that ends up polluting our planet Earth.

How did the idea start?

In 2017, then our 9 and 6 years old began taking interest in recycling and contributing to saving the planet. Their discussions about the usage of plastic water bottles gradually rid our household of 24-packs of water every two weeks. Their initiative and commitment to reducing plastic waste through drinking filtered water with reusable bottles (without any direction) was the inspiration! While this was great for the environment (and incredibly savvy of our two youngsters), we quickly realized that we never remembered to swap out our filters regularly. Thus our mission was born.

Where does the 422water system come from?
It was very important to us that our products are Made in the USA.  We found the source and we went directly to one of the largest water filtration manufacturers in the United States with our mission.  They said YES!

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Thank you all for your support and let's keep the clean water flowing!